Module Mazda Denso SkyActiv-D

Software module for editing calibrations Denso ECU of diesel Mazda vehicles with SkyActiv-D engines.

Available maps:

  • Boost control: boost pressure limitation from atmospheric pressure, boost pressure limitation, desired boost pressure, boost pressure correction, boost pressure actuator current
  • EGR Control: desired airmass flow, egr valve voltage
  • Injection volume: torque to injection volume conversion for different modes, injection volume limitation, smoke reducing limitation, injection volume limiters for system errors, power limitation
  • Rail pressure: desired rail pressure, rail pressure low load, limitation of rail pressure
  • Sensors scalings: exhaust temperature sensors, boost air temperature, intake air temperature, coolant temperature, mass air flow, oil temperature
  • Start of injection: start of main injection base and corrected
  • Torque management: injection volume to torque conversion, requested torque, maximal torque, power limitation by torque, torque limitation in case of system error
  • DTC mask editor

Supported SW list

License cost:
250.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle