Module Toyota Denso Diesel 3

Software module allows editing and tuning Denso ECU 89661-xxxxx of diesel Toyota & Lexus cars with engines 4.5 litres

The folowing maps are available for editing:

Air control: Airmass corrections by fuel temperature, additive; Desired airmass for low load, Desired airmass; Minimal desired airmass.
Boost pressure: Desired boost pressure; Boost pressure basic map: correction and to limit boost when EGR is active; Boost pressure limiter correction factors; Boost pressure regulation basis; Coolant temperature factor for boost pressure correction, Desired and Final boost pressure limitation(relative), Desired boost pressure monitoring.
Boost pressure: VNT Control: Boost pressure regulator to predict deviation; VNT Control temperature and atmospheric pressure corrections; VNT Controls basis and corrections basis maps; Desired boost pressure limitation(relative), VNT Control maximal and minimal corrections; VNT Control minimal threshold.
EGR Control: EGR position corrections; EGR position limitations; Minimal and Maximal EGR positions requests; Target EGR position corrections; Target EGR Position.
Injection volume: Gear dependent injection volume limiter; Injection volume basis for minimal and maximal limitations; Injection volume corrections; Injection volume limitations; Minimal injection volumes.
Injection volume: conditional corrections.
Injection volume: smoke limitations.
Injector control: Injector opening time for main injection and Pilot injection time.
Limiters: Vehicle speed limitation.
Rail pressure: Rail pressure limitation, Rail pressure regulator basis, Target rail pressure.
Sensors scalings: Boost air temperature, Coolant temperature, Fuel temperature, Intake air temperature and MAF sensors scalings; Temperature correction for MAF sensor.
Start of injection calculation: Start of main and pilot injection.
Torque model: Drag loss torque correction, Fuel pump drag loss part from rail pressure, Fuel temperature drag loss part; Injection volume to Torque and Torque to injection volume conversions maps.
DTC mask

Cars supported:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5td
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.5td
Lexus LX450D

Engines supported:


Supported SW list

License cost:
200.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle