Module Toyota Delphi Petrol

Software module for editing calibrations of Delphi ECUs used in normal aspirated petrol Toyota and Scion vehicles.

Supported all Delphi ECU types - MPC and SH72xx (1mb, 1.5mb, 2mb filesizes).

Available maps:

Air efficiency: intake efficiency from intake VVT and exhaust VVT position, engine speed intake efficiency correction, engine load claculation weights
Injection: closed loop injection pulsations and corrections, injection enrichment base and all corrections, minimal enrichment, maximal total enrichment
Injector control: maximal injection time, injector flow constant (test)
Sensor scalings: coolant, intake temperature, MAF, oil temperature and throttle position sensors
Spark advance: dwell time, spark advance base for low/high octane, optimal spark advance, spark advance correction by VVT, spark advance retardation, spark advance correction by ECT, IAT and EGT
Throttle control: maximal requested throttle position, requested torque, throttle position from torque, throttle position linerisations
VVT: intake VVT, exhaust VVT position
Limiters: vehicle speed limitation (If found)
DTC mask editor

Supported SW list

License cost:
200.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle