Module Bosch MSE 3.0

Software module for editing calibrations of Bosch MSE3.0 ECUs used in different types of extreme vehicles like motobikes, quads etc...

Maps available:
-Airmass calculation: airmass flow through throttle valve, manifold pressure in case of sensor error, throttle valve position, calculated filling, volumetric efficiency, and gas pressure to correct airmass
-Fan switching temperature and latency
-Idle: desired idle speed, spark advance at idle
-Injector control: injector end timing at part and full load, injector flow constant and battery voltage correction
-Lambda control: Enable lambda thresholds, battery voltage to disable lambda and lambda sensors configuration
-Limiters: engine speed limitation
-Mode switch: throttle valve threshold to exit idle speed, threshold to full load
-Spark advance: base spark advance, spark advance offset, temperature corrections
-Start: cold and warm start enrichments, correction factors to reduce enrichments after start, spark advance at start
-Target lambda: target lambda at part load, at full load, at warm up, target lambda on acceleration, pulsations correction, minimal and maximal lambda

Supported SW list

License cost:
100.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle