Module Honda Keihin 2.0 Turbo

Software module allows to edit calibrations of the Honda/Acura Petrol 2.0 Turbo vehicles with Keihin ECUs.

Air calculation and boost: intake system efficiency, boost pressure threshold for wastegate operation, wastegate duty, boost limitation by EGT, load limitation, maximal boost by atmospheric pressure, maximal boost by intake temperature, maximal boost ratio, desired boost pressure, exhaust back pressure after catalyst
Camshaft control: intake camshaft position, exhaust camshaft position at part and full loads
EGT: Calculated EGT
Idle: desired idle speed, desired idle speed after start
Injector control: injector opening time from fuel pressure, injector scaling
Knock control: Air charge limitation for knocking, spark advance limitation on knocking, knock retardation
Limits: engine speed limitation, vehicle speed limitation
Modes switches: MAF threshold to enter full load, MAP threshold to enter full load, throttle position to enter full load (available maps depends on software)
Overrun cutoff: overrun cutoff MAP cut/restore, injector restart cut/restore
Sensors scaling: MAF sensor scaling, lambda scaling
Spark advance: minimal spark advance, spark advance EGR dependent, spark advance retardation, spark advance correction EGR dependent, spark advance correction by ECT and IAT, spark advance correction from camshaft angle
Target lambda: Lean best torque, target lambda at full load, target lambda in closed loop
Throttle valve control: Airmass flow through throttle body, driving force, throttle position linerisation, throttle position limitation, throttle position request, base torque, torque limitation for AT

DTC table is not available, but we are adding some helpful switches: underboost error switch, rear O2 sensor switch

Attention! Due to high load this module does not allow URGENT requests. Common requests can take up to several days to be completed.

License cost:
400.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle