Update BitEdit 0.5

What's new in 0.5?

  • Improved DTC Editor
  • Added switch between map windows with Ctrl+Tab
  • Added possibility to select single view in map editor
  • Added single value editor for constants
  • Editor is faster now
  • A lot of small changes in user interface

We are glad to tell you about new maps found for Toyota Denso modules:

  • Sensor conversion curves(temperature, mass air flow)
  • Main injection timing
  • Rail pressure limiters
  • More maps for boost pressure
  • Boost pressure limiters
  • Boost pressure regulator maps
  • EGR control maps

If you have experience and knowledge you can manually remove EGR and DPF in most files with these updated maps!

P.S. We provide new found maps in new softwares, but update of all available map packs will take a time, so if you need updated map pack please contact to technical support and request updated map pack for your software. Thank you!