Update BitEdit 0.9 and New modules

We back in new year with great news!

At first, we release new BitEdit 0.9 version with great features and improvements:

1. New undo/redo system with full actions logging. Now you can undo/redo any action and see all history of your actions, just use Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y or use Undo/Redo buttons on ribbon panel.

2. New hotkey functionality, no possible to use hotkeys to change view, change parallel maps, transfer changes, and more... All actions now possibly to do without mouse! Just check tooltips on buttons!

3. Hex dump editor allows you to view all dump in hex with changing format, and also edit one value. 4. A lot of little improvements: adding menus for all views, 2D/3D improvements, tooltips, etc...

At second, we released new modules for BitEdit:

Toyota Bosch Diesel , supports all diesel Bosch ECU's: EDC15, EDC16, EDC17 series for 1.4/1.5D Toyota engines, check our shop to look at maps and screenshots

Arctic Cat Denso editor, supports turbo and non turbo Artic Cat Denso ECU's.