BitEdit 0.97

  • Remade 2D editor: now added row/column selection, possibility of horizontal selection mode, zooming, tooltips, etc.
  • 2D/3D tooltips system remade, now possible to switch off and setup tooltips
  • Options window added, now possible to tune editor as you wish
  • Projects system now can be disabled/enabled through Options
  • Versions system for projects improved and tuneable now
  • Generally fixed editing math(now problems with accuracy in some maps solved!)
  • Recent files menu remade(before update were recent projects only)
  • DTC editor problems solved (when some DTC were disabled)
  • Fixed startup and closing problems
  • Minimal change in grid now works and possible to change step(on ribbon - Minimal change)
  • Color mapping settings - now possible to change colors for 2D/3D views
  • Fixed bug of changing color in Maps window when map is edited
  • A lot of small interface fixes