Toyota Denso Diesel 3 global update

We are glad to inform, that we have made a great update for Toyota Denso Diesel 3 module to improve maps quality. Now we have updates almost all available map packs, except DPF cars.

What we have done?

We were doing deep analizing of firmware code for understanding ECU math model, making emulators for ECU input sensors, analizing diagnostic data. When total model has been done, we start searching and analizing connections between maps, have found a lot of constants and limiters for different systems. We have successfully research boost pressure model, airmass flow, injection, EGR and have added all maps for these systems.

What changed?

There are no "torque model" in these ECUs. ECU doesn't control torque, it controls injection volume, so all maps known as 'torque limitation' now renmaed to their real names, which defines the real maps behavior - injection volume limitation. Torque is used for external systems, such as gearbox(AT), cruise control. ECU calculates torque, correct it and then calculates injection volume back!

What about flags(system switches)?

We have found some flags and switches, which can remove different internal systems, but we haven't test them, so for now we have not added them to map packs!

What will be then?

We are still working under firmwares with DPF to understand DPF math and add all maps for full DPF removal. Except regeneration maps and EGT sensors there are a lot of parameters, which should be understand before making maps update. If you have to work with DPF car - send us request for update - we will add all known maps for this moment.

How to work with it?

A lot of map names not so simple, because math model of Toyota Denso a bit different from other. We are working on user's manual, that will explain all map names, all corrections, all connections between maps and how ECU calculate output parameters. We are testing these parameters on dyno on real car, and when we will be ready - we will show good user's manual for these ECU's. Short terms and explanation will be available on our site soon!