BitEdit 0.99

Support of Windows XP now stopped. For running BitEdit required Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and newer, and now .NET Framework minimal version is 4.6.2 as more stable!!!
We are tried to make update process for easy, so BitEdit will check required components and ask you to download it automatically if need!

New features:
- Critical update feature. Now when we have made critical module maps update - warning window will appear. You can send request for critical update in one click!

- Office time and vacations now blocks "Urgent" requests
- Improved "Purchase module" window. Now dongle id is shown
- Map names and localization now controlled by server. We can do localization and general maps descriptions more fast!
- Parallel maps now works more clear

- Fixed units and axis displaying
- Fixed crash in editing parallel maps in some cases
- Fixed support of different file formats with offset map pack loading.
- Fixed crash in View Diff window for non-project mode
- Theme fixes for button styles