BitEdit update, new module and Halloween sale

1. BitEdit update

Many changes:
- Increased 2D plot sharpness
- Improved data transfer in parallel maps, especially in those with editable axes
- Now displays map description in each open document
- Status bar now contains undo/redo state as well as current document info and dongle ID
- Improved DTC Editor performance
- Fixed some bugs in Version Control
- Added special Dump Units to the units selector
- Added shared axes support
- Map Import now only shows compatible maps
- Copying a map into itself no longer produces "ghost changed cells" due to float rounding errors
- Added scrollbar to the popup list of opened documents when there are too many of them

2. New module:

We have a new module: Kia/Hyundai Continental SIM2K-24x

3. Halloween sale Halloween 2018 is already here. So we start with 10% discount for all BitBox and BitEdit modules for the next 7 days.