Module Continental GPEC2

Software module for editing calibrations Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and Fiat vehicles with ECU Continental GPEC2 based on MCU MPC5566 with internal flash memory 3mb.

The following maps are available: Volumetric efficiency calculation with multipliers and corrections, desired airflow at startup, airflow limiters, closed loop control and delays, idle speed in different modes, injectiion compensations, injection PWM offset, PWM scalar, pedal power request, spark advance at part load, spark advance at WOT, optimal spark advance, spark advance adjustments for coolant and intake air temperature, spark advance during VVT launch, spark advance limitation, knock retardation control, throttle valve control, VVT intake and exhaust camshaft angles, engine speed limitation in drive and P/N, vehicle speed limitation (when found). DTC mask available.

No URGENT requests allowed for this module.

To read and write this ECUs you can use our BitBox Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Petrol CAN module

License cost:
200.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle