Module Mazda Denso Petrol SH705x

Software module for editing calibrations of petrol Mazda vehicles with Denso ECUs based on Renesas SH7055, SH7058 MCU.

Supported map list:

Air load: engine load limitation, load correction for MAF
Configuration: engine volume, dwell time, MAF scaling
EGR: target EGR position
Idle: desired idle speed
Injection: target AFR at open loop, target AFR at closed loop, load thresholds to switch to open loop
Knock control: knock sensitivity, retardation limits and thresholds
Spark advance: maximal advance, spark advance at low loads and high loads, spark advance at idle, spark advance corrections
Torque model: requested torque
VVT: intake camshaft position
Limiters: engine speed limiters, vehicle speed limiters
DTC mask editor

Supported SW list

License cost:
200.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle